Elle Kyle Producer at American Movie Company

Elle Kyle

Writer at AMC

Reacting strongly to the rhetoric and policies of Donald Trump, world class jazz musicians assembled for a pro bono concert at The Symphony Space in NYC to say: “NO! In the name of humanity, we stand against a fascist America.”

On the eve of Mr. Trump’s inauguration, this exciting show entitled Musicians Against Fascism was held for the benefit of the political activist group called “Say No to Fascism. I’ll leave you to your deductions about their objectives. 

The concert’s Master of Ceremonies was Larry Blumenfeld, who writes about music for the Wall Street Journal.

Arturo O’Farrill Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble

An extraordinary evening of artistic passion, urgent commitment, hosted by five time Grammy winner Arturo O’Farrill, this Live Streamed concert took place the night before the scheduled inauguration – with protests growing in Washington DC and around the country. “Musicians Against Fascism” is a benefit concert for #RefuseFascism.org.»

The American Movie Company’s Camera and WebCasting team was on location “pro bono” to produce the concert’s Live Stream Video.    RJ Yenesel and Phil Fleischer operated the TriCaster.  Arié Ohayon served as DP with Lou Blackmon, Loni Gest, and Ron Mervic as camera operators. 

Bill Milling, the CEO of AMC was the production manager, and I was on location as a staff writer and PA.  Parm Girn and Carmen Ventura ran the production office.

Throughout the course of the concert, I was continually impressed by the musicians’ willingness to use their platform as artists to stand up for their convictions.  I think that this honesty is both the privilege and the burden of artists, as they’re often the people in society who speak most freely. 

That is not to say that it is easy for an artist to speak up; it takes guts to make oneself vulnerable in the shark tank of human society, to use a current locution. 

Fortunately for the rest of us, the best artists recognize our need for their honesty and courage to speak up.

Jazz Musicians Against Fascism

Claudia Acuña
Fabian Almazan,
Lakecia Benjamin
Johnathan Blake
Tom Chapin 
Stephan Crump
Peter Evans 
Tomas Fujiwara,
Vijay Iyer 
Daryl Johns 
Matthew Shipp
The Westerlies
Mary Halvorson
Levy Lorenzo
Rudresh Mahanthappa
Pedrito Martinez
Camila Meza
Roy Nathanson
Amirtha Kidambi
The Jazz Passengers
Arturo O’Farrill
William Parker
Jen Shyu Somi
Jazz agains facsism

Jazz Against Fascism


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