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  • Decades of music video production experience
  • Large and small scale productions
  • We incorporate aerial video

Our music video production is of the highest quality in NYC.

We offer the full NYC music video production package.

The AMC team is passionate about music video production. We listen to our clients and work closely to develop original concepts. We are set apart by our amazing production team, led by Arié Ohayon, and their unfailing ability to capture artistic vision with technical virtuosity and a truly cinematic scope.

We consider music videos as a unique art form, separate from other genres of video production. We also know that in today’s hyper-competitive market, music videos are a vital component of artists’ marketing and branding strategies.

AMC offers a range of packages suitable for all your production needs.  We are open, flexible and judgement free. We strive for 100% client satisfaction.

We welcome unique and/or large requests!


Check out some of our music video productions:



Artist: Josette

Shot in and around NYC, the Problems music video captures Josette as she introduces her debut single to a worldwide audience.  We love working with young and up and coming talent and take great pride in our ability to work with each client to bring their particular vision to life. Filming outdoors on location in New York City certainly has its challenges.  Josette had a particular vision which we transformed into a visual story, capturing the essence of her music and lyrics.



Artist: Nkozi­

The Overdose music video is a fusion of feature film production and standard music video production; it features experienced film and television actors, utilizes multiple locations, yet was shot over the course of only 3 days. Overall, this NYC music video production was a unique opportunity to explore both mediums and to push the genre to its limits. We dove in full force, paying as much attention as we could to every little detail. We also had a lot of fun and hope our time, effort, and passion shines through when you watch the Overdoes music video.



Artist: Vidak

The proper utilization of simplicity in a music video production can create as much stylistic intensity as a full scale feature film. The benefits an evocative location, beautiful dancer, and skilled musician were the only ingredients our team needed. Inspiration was a 4K music video production, set a historic 19th century warehouse in Brooklyn. It now serves as a showcase for music videos which emphasize both their artists and settings.

I Like It

Artist: Jessica Ashley

The I Like It music video is a charismatic, ebullient, colorful boy meets girl story filmed in tangent with Jessica Ashley’s rich vocals. It features an ensemble cast and unique set. More impressive, from a music video production standpoint, is that this music video was shot in under 10 hours! Our team accomplished this with very efficient, detail oriented pre production. The American Movie Company offers all of its clients the most skilled and seasoned producers who routinely perform such feats in the name of your vision, timeline, and budget.


Artist: Vidak

When planning the music video for his song Faena, Vidak visualized himself playing guitar alongside a beautiful dancer portraying his music. He wanted to complement this vision with a vast yet charismatic setting. In realizing his vision, we utilized simplistic music video production values alongside our in-house aerial video department. The result is a striking visual set piece, simplified by aerial video shots showcasing the talent as small figures against the vastness and ruggedness of our empty warehouse set. We utilized our best technology and most creative producers to create this in-depth yet simplistic music and dance video.

24 Hours

Artist: Jessica Ashley

The music video for 24 Hours was designed, first and foremost, to complement Jessica Ashley’s amazing voice. The resulting video, shot in classic style, is simple, elegant, and constantly moving. Accompanied by her own piano work on a Steinway grand and a superbly talented trio providing back up vocals, Ashely performed flawlessly, allowing us to wrap this music video production in a half day. (This saved her time and money.) Our production team also worked to accomplish this timely wrap with extremely efficient and detail oriented pre production. We hope you enjoy this music video and that it inspires you to work with us.

Director, Editor, and DP, Arié Ohayon

Excellence in Film & Music Production: Arié Ohayon

Arié Ohayon is both our Senior DP and Senior Editor. He brings a wealth of experience to every project.

Arié’s background as an award winning filmmaker is the foundation from which he draws to add his signature cinematic style to every project. His passion extends beyond cinematography to editing.

Mr. Ohayon heads up our talented post production team as AMC’s Senior Editor. His expertise includes multi camera editing, chroma keying, compositing and camera match moves for our green screen projects. He is also highly skilled in color correction as well as motion graphics and Cinema 4D. Arié is also fluent in a range of editing platforms including Premier and FCPX.

However, the most important thing our clients need to know about Arié is that he absolutely loves his job and he wants your project to be the best work he has ever produced.

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