SoHo Insert
Green Screen Studio

Located on Broadway in SoHo

  • Green Screen Studio
  • Extremely quiet
  • Amenities Included
  • Attractive Extras

SoHo Studio Rental

10 Hour Day
  • Price includes amenities and a studio manager.

  • Call 212-219-1075

  • See below for detailed listing

Our SoHo Green Screen Studio Includes:

  • The Soho Insert Green Screen Studio can accommodate two actors standing or sitting.
  • There is a green floor piece which can easily be put in place.
  • Stage comes with full lighting grid and floor lights for talent.
  • Grip gear and power are included.
  • Stage is extremely quiet.
  • Very upscale building located on Broadway in Soho.
  • Air conditioned.
  • Black drapes.
  • Makeup area and client area.
  • Studio manager.

SoHo Green Screen Studio Extras:

$450 Ursa Mini 4.6K  with Miller Tripod  Rokinon Primes 24, 35, 50, 85  & Nikkor 70 to 200 zoom

$595: Teleprompter and operator

$1495: Multi-camera WebCasting


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