Kitchen Set &
Event Space

Located in Chelsea, New York City

  • Full Size Kitchen
  • Daylight Studio
  • Add-on Options
  • Overtime Available

Kitchen Set & Event Space

10 Hour Day
  • Prime Kitchen & Event Space

  • See Detailed List Below
  • Overtime $450 per hour
  • Additional Options:

  • $600/Day – Tugsten package

  • $800/Day – Kinoflo package

Why Use Our Kitchen Event Space NYC?

This space is an over-sized, pre-lit, fully-equipped (in both cookware and production equipment) kitchen production studio. Adjacent to this studio is a large event space for presentations; it can double as a lounge depending on how we furnish it. Large windows in the event space allow for our clients to choose between natural light and our (artificial) lighting packages. Our kitchen comes ready for any cooking production or event.


Our Daylight Kitchen Set:

  • Full kitchen
  • 72′ brick wall
  • 16′ ceilings
  • 15′ windows
  • Daylight studio
  • Photo loft
  • Gas stove
  • Production-ready kitchen
  • Photo studio
  • Raw loft

American Movie Co Kitchen & Event Space

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